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Daylight Saving Time

Bailey at sea

The odd thing at our house is the dog never goes off Daylight Saving Time. She refuses to adjust her internal clock. In her world, once you have a mealtime schedule it stays a mealtime schedule, and it doesn’t matter what the clock says. So everyone around here will be glad when the time leaps ahead so our dog will no longer be begging for her food an hour early. When it’s five o’clock here, it really will be five o’clock in our dog’s world.
For the record, you’re never supposed to add an “s” to Daylight Saving Time, although that’s the way we tend to say it at our house. We figure spring must be around the corner now the afternoons are stretching into the night. Of course, the Brits do things a little differently, calling this season’s adjusting of the clocks “Summer Time.” Their shift in time occurs the last Sunday in March.
Unless you’re living in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands or Arizona, be sure to set your clocks ahead tonight before you drift off to sleep. And if you find you’ve forgotten, ask your dog what time it is!

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