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I'm the writer. My search for the sweet life began in the ninth grade when my English teacher refused to let me work as an investigative reporter on our school newspaper. Instead, she assigned me the gossip/advice column. I became "Dear Gabby." She said I talked too much.

After that, it was a short trip to a career in writing, a ride on the Mommy Track and a search for better role models and a more balanced life.  I hope to pass along what I've learned.

I'm married, have two daughters and a black-and-white dog that acts like a cat.


I'm the businesswoman. Until my twenties, I lived in southern California where you could still find orange groves and avocado trees on the hillsides but hardly any traffic or smog. One day, my girlfriend and I packed up my Volkswagen bug, and we headed off to see the world.  We only got as far as Chicago.

For the last twenty years,  I've balanced home, family, a business, volunteering, two horses, one dog and three cats. Even for an overachiever like myself, life was too hectic, so when Linda approached me with this idea, it took me two nanoseconds to join in.