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How We Got Started

We’re neighbors who live in nearly identical houses. We even acquired the same dishes when we got married. So we knew we had a lot in common. But we’re also different. One of us cooks, while the other one loves to eat out. One of us plays golf, while the other one never has. One of us is a businesswoman, while the other is a writer.

When we talked about our lives, we knew we were searching for the same thing: the secrets to a sweeter life. The more we talked, the more we agreed we needed a website. And that’s how “Living the Sweet Life” came to be.

Where We Live

We live in the “Paris of the Piedmont,” in the geographical heart of North Carolina, where the coast meets the mountains in a series of hills dotted with streams. Our town started out as a lumber center, one of the world’s largest railroad crosstie markets. Then we began to make ladies’ stockings. The hosiery mill has since been turned into a mall with shops and restaurants.

We also boast a farmer’s market, a lively music scene and an annual Fourth of July parade. Our town has been described as the Soho of the South, or the Portland of the East. Everybody must be from some place and we’re from here.