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Coffee-table rules...

1. Place your coffee table 18 inches away from your sofa. This way your guests will be able to put their drinks down without straining themselves. This also allows enough room for you to walk around your coffee table.
2. Keep your magazines and books off your coffee table. Place them in a handy basket or decorative magazine holder.
3. Streamline any accessories that you plan to display on your coffee table. Match them to each other by using the same color and/or texture. This allows your eye to follow the length of your table, providing more dramatic appeal.
4. Remember your coffee table is generally a focal point in the center of your room. Any accessories that you display should be distinctive in shape, size and/or color.
5. Keep in mind the need to balance any accessories with your coffee table’s size. Refrain from overpowering a small coffee table with oversized objects.

Molly, Sweet Life Staff
(Source: “Learn secrets of designer table,” Charlyne Varkonyi Schaub, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The News & Observer, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2005, p. 8E.)